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Thursday of the Twentieth Week in Ordinary Time ‘c’

MT 22:1-14

There are two messages in the parable presented to us today by Jesus. First, we who belong to Him, namely those of us who are baptized, are invited to God’s banquet. He considers us His friends, His family, the people who chose to follow Him. And so, God throws a banquet for us which is the Holy Eucharist. He wants to feed us with His word and Holy Eucharist. However, many who should be there, refuse to come and choose other activities, thinking that because I am a baptized Christian, I will be saved anyway. Jesus reminds us today that it doesn’t work that way. It is not enough to call ourselves Christians, but we respond to God’s invitation and follow His commends. But we have a choice; we are not forced into anything. So, if someone refuse to respond to God’s invitation, God will find someone else instead. But why did the King get so angry with the person not wearing a proper wedding garment? And here is the second message -- if someone accepts God’s invitation, they must change their former way of living and become a new person, a holy person. “Many are invited, but few are chosen.”

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