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Tuesday in the Octave of Easter ‘b’

Jn 20:11-18

After the resurrection Jesus appears to His friends on many different occasions. What always surprises me is the fact that they can’t recognize Him right away. So, I wonder why? Maybe He looks different, but we know that He was raised from the dead with His physical body, so He should look the same, right? Today in the Gospel reading we hear about Mary Magdala who is weeping by the empty tomb. When Jesus appears in front of her, she thinks that he is a gardener. I believe that Jesus is teaching His disciples and even us today, that He is truly present in this world, He is present in other people, but because at times we focus only on the worldly things, we may not be able to recognize Him. We need to stop weeping, but be joyful, that Jesus was raised from the dead and is present to us, even today.

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