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Tuesday of Fifth Week of Easter

Don’t worry -- everything will be OK. Have trust in God, leave it to Him, He will take care of everything. I think this is the peace that Jesus left to His disciples and also left to each one of us. We just need to have trust. Think about those who are non-believers, those for whom all they can have, and experience is only in this life, this world. Those people have no peace, they will always be rushing to get rich, powerful, and to stay healthy, to live as long as possible, and if they lose things of this world, that will bring them the biggest disappointment. This world can never give us peace, and Jesus doesn’t say that we will not face any troubles nor challenges. But He offers us that peace with which we will be able to go through this life with joy, hope, and faith. And then after this life, there is much more to come; there will be eternal peace.

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