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Tuesday of Holy Week 'b'

Jn 13:21-33, 36-38

Two kinds of betrayal, one by Judas, the other one by Peter. But Peter’s action we would rather call denial. What’s the difference? Judas deliberately betrayed Jesus. He planned that, He knew that He would do that, but Peter didn’t know that. He didn’t plan on it. And only because in the moment of weakness he got scared and said that he didn’t know Jesus. At times, we too deny Jesus by saying that we don’t know Him. There are moments of weakness and fear in us too that some might judge us, or disagree with us, if we say that we are Catholics, that we follow Jesus. But there are also people like Judas, even in our churches, that deliberately betray Jesus, by not caring at all about what He is teaching or they just stop praying, stop going to church, stop believing at all.

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