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Tuesday of the 1 week of Advent ‘b’

Have you ever met someone who thinks they know everything? I have. A person who, whatever subject you touch upon, thinks that he has a greater knowledge than anyone else in that matter. It is very hard to have a conversation with a person like that because they won’t listen. A person like that likes to talk and sometimes even make up things, just to add some color to their stories and make them feel more knowledgeable. Regarding such people, Jesus expresses His Joy today and thanks God for revealing ‘these things’ to simple people, to childlike people, to people who don’t necessarily have a graduate degree and know everything. Jesus is happy because He knows that simple people, humble people, will listen and accept His words. He doesn’t want to argue with those who think that they know everything. Jesus wants us to be simple, humble, and open to His words.

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