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Tuesday of the 10 week in ordinary time ‘b’

My father had the habit of using a lot of pepper on his food. Sometimes when I watched him preparing a bowl of chicken soup, he would add pepper to the point that the soup was covered with the black powder. That’s how he liked it. We all have different tastes; some of us just like my father like loads of pepper, some like salty food, and others use too much sugar in their coffee or tea. I know that in Chicago putting ketchup on your hotdog is consider a ‘crime’, but I like it with ketchup. In order to have tasty food and the way we like it, we all add spices to enhance the taste. Similarly with the world we live in. Our world needs to have a ‘taste’, a good taste. That’s why Jesus wants all of us, His followers, to add a good taste to this world. You are the salt of the earth, He says, you are the light of this world. Our world needs a good taste, and our job is to season it well.

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