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Tuesday of the 30 week in ordinary time

LK 13:18-21

I had an interesting conversation some time ago with an older lady whom I visited at the hospital, bringing her the sacrament of the Anointing and Holy Communion. She said that all her life she tried to pray frequently, to not hurt anyone and just to live a simple good life. Since she became ill and was unable to do much on her own, she prayed more, for her family but also for other people. ‘There is not much more I can do anymore, I just pray.’ We all may feel overwhelmed at times and perhaps think that there is not much we can do to change the world around us, so better leave that to other more powerful people like the pope, cardinals, bishops, priests and religious. But in the Gospel for today Jesus reminds us that even a little and small good thing that we do, may grow into a wonderful thing and it could change the world, just like that little tiny mustard seed that grew into a large tree. Even the smallest act of our faith can have a tremendous impact in this world, like the simple prayers of that elderly women.

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