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Tuesday of the 33 week in ordinary time ‘b’

I have always liked this story from the Gospel today. Zacchaeus, a chief tax collector and a wealthy man, didn’t believe that Jesus was the promised Messiah and obviously he didn’t intend to become a believer. Instead, he just wanted to see that very popular man passing by his hometown. If I could compare this situation to something I have experienced, it would be my memories of John Paul II visiting my hometown in Poland and how many people gathered to see him, not only Catholics, but everybody, even nonbelievers. But Jesus did something extraordinary. He noticed Zacchaeus, called him by name and said: “today I must stay at your house.” Jesus simply invited himself to Zacchaeus’ house. He didn’t ask -- Can I stay with you, or would you invite me? No, Jesus told him -- I must stay at your house, you have no choice! In the end, Zacchaeus completely changed his life. Your life can be messy too. You may not be ready to welcome Jesus into your life, but Jesus doesn’t care. Today, He wants to enter your life and completely change it for the better.

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