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Tuesday of the 8 week of ordinary time ‘b’

Do you compare your life to other people’s lives? Or maybe at times you are envious that others are richer, healthier, or more successful. They may not be Christians, may not follow the commandments, live immorally, criticize all religion, but still they are so ‘blessed’ in this life. Why is that? You may wonder like Peter from the Gospel reading today and ask Jesus: ‘I have given up everything and followed you’, so, why don’t you, Jesus, shower me with all the blessings, riches, and successes in life? It is because we tend to forget that we don’t belong to this world, we belong to Jesus. After this life there is so much more to come -- eternal life. Yes, some may be ignorant in this world and still gain much here. But one day they will regret this. But to us, Jesus promised today, that even if we will not gain the riches of this world, still if we remain faithful to Him, we will be rewarded in life eternal.

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