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Tuesday of the Eighth Week in Ordinary Time ‘b’


Peter said to Jesus: “we have given up everything and followed you.” Jesus disciples literally gave up everything they had and placed their trust in the Lord. As you remember, they had doubts, they had moments of weakness, and they also struggled to believe. But they stayed with Jesus until the end. They died for Him. For that they have received the great prize of sanctity, the prize of eternal life in heaven. I often wonder if I am able to completely trust in Jesus. There are so many things that are still holding me from giving up everything and follow the Lord. Perhaps today we should think about what are those earthly things that are still holding us back from following Jesus. All those worries that we have, the lack of faith, moments of doubts, material things. Ask the Lord today to give you a strong faith, a faith like that of the first disciples which would enable you to follow Him -- no matter what.

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