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Tuesday of the Fourth Week of Easter ‘a’

Sometimes after a funeral Mass, a member of the family comes forward to share some words of remembrance about the diseased relative, or as we say, give a eulogy. Then they share different stories, sometimes mentioning some humorous events or episodes that only the closest family members are familiar with. So, while listening, they will smile to each other; they will share a good laugh sometimes or get very emotional. For me, a person that is not part of that family, those stories have no meaning. I do listen, but I can’t relate to them. I think when Jesus tells us again that: “My sheep hear my voice”, He wants to reassure us that we are closest part of His family, that in this busy world we hear His voice, we understand what He is telling us, and we do believe. It is like a code that only those who love Christ would understand and relate with. “The works I do in my Father's name testify to me. But you do not believe, because you are not among my sheep.” If we believe, then we would understand the whole meaning.

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