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Tuesday of the Seventh Week in Ordinary Time ‘a’

Are you embarrassed because of your sins? Perhaps you are nervous before approaching the confessional because you have done things that are embarrassing. Well, that’s what sin does, and if we sin we should feel embarrassed even ashamed. Yet we still should come, admit, and ask for God’s mercy. The disciples were embarrassed because they were arguing among themselves about who among them was the best one, the favorite one. When Jesus asked them what they were arguing about among themselves on the way, they were embarrassed to admit that they argued about such a small thing -- and so they remained silent. However, Jesus knew exactly what they were talking about, He just wanted them to admit it. In a similar way, Jesus knows exactly what is happening in our hearts; we don’t even need to voice that. however, He wants us to admit, even if we are very embarrassed, and to say loudly -- Yes I did it, and I am sorry for it. We should not remain silent.

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