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Tuesday of the Thirty First Week in Ordinary Time ‘a’

What would you do if someone who is very popular and known by everyone called you and invited you to dinner at his or her house. What would you do if pope Francis called you and said: I want to get to know you, so please come to my residence for a dinner? Or a very popular actor, a famous singer that you like, or a famous sports figure invited you to their house, what would you do? Refuse the invitation? I don’t think so. You would most likely change all your plans and do everything to not miss that special dinner, that invitation, that great recognition and great honor. Could there be something more important than being invited by a famous person? Everything else can wait, this is a lifetime opportunity, it can’t be missed! Well, there is something more important than that, and many of us miss it often -- this is the Holy Mass each Sunday. The Eucharist is the Bread from Heaven that will give us life eternal. God Himself keeps inviting us to His special dinner, but many of us are like those invited guests from Jesus’ parable: we ignore it, or make some excuse, and we don’t take advantage of that honorable invitation. God wants us to come to His home and dine at His table. There is no greater invitation than this; we can’t miss it.

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