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Wednesday in the Octave of Easter

There are things that cannot be explained, but only believed. The resurrection can’t be explained or even understand, so we can only pray and ask God to increase our faith that Jesus truly was raised from the tomb, and we will also be raised. And this fact should give us not only joy, but peace that all of our troubles and difficulties in this world will end. But our lives will continue, and not only that but they will continue without anything that is evil. This fact also gives us an advantage over those who do not believe in Jesus’ resurrection. Think about that and try for a moment to imagine this -- what if what we have just celebrated on Easter Sunday wasn’t true, that Jesus never existed, or that He wasn’t God and what He preached was only made up by Him. That would be terrible, because all of our hopes and expectations about the resurrection and eternal life would vanish and we would probably focus only on this world and abuse it, like many of those who have no faith at all. After the resurrection Jesus continued to appear to His friends, but many still couldn’t understand and so that stopped them from believing. We need to believe that Jesus truly was raised from the dead.

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