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Wednesday of Holy week ‘b’

Why is there evil among us? Why would God allow so much evil in this world? Those who don’t believe and claim that God doesn’t exist usually give a similar argument: ‘If there were a God, there wouldn’t be any evil. If He is Love, He wouldn’t allow evil.’ Jesus was aware of evil; He knew how Satan operated. He knew that Satan possessed one of Jesus’ own disciples, Judas. Jesus knew that Judas would betray Him -- pure evil. So why did Jesus invite Judas to the last supper? Why didn’t he say: ‘No, there is no room for you here. Go away, you are a bad person, we don’t want you here.’ No! Jesus allowed Judas to be one of His disciples even though He knew that Judas would betray Him. I think today Jesus wants us to understand that we won’t be able to eliminate all evil; it will always be around. We shouldn’t lose our energy on too much focusing on evil and trying to fight it. No. We just need to accept it and live with it. In the end, evil will lose.

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