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Wednesday of the 1 week of Lent ‘b’

Some people prefer to go to different parishes because they don’t like their own pastor or the newly assigned priest. Some people travel long distances to hear some famous charismatic preacher who speaks with great power, or they follow a famous missionary who gives powerful Lenten talks. And I think this is all OK. We all want to be inspired, and we want to hear good preachers, attend a good quality liturgy. But sometimes we forget that those are only tools that should help us grow in holiness and bring us closer to Christ. If we follow the priest that we like more or leave our own parish because we don’t like a new pastor, then we forget that we are walking away from what is essential and true of a parish – that there is something greater here, and that Jesus is always present in the Eucharist. This should always be the center of our worshiping, our attention and our religious faith. Jesus tells us today: “there is something greater than Solomon here.” Jesus is present, and no human can change that!

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