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Wednesday of the 13 week in ordinary time ‘b’

Why did people beg Jesus to leave their district after He miraculously freed two possessed people from evil spirits? Don’t you think that they would have been happy to have among them someone with such power? But this shows me that sometimes people, sometimes even you and I, don’t want Jesus showing us what in our lives needs to be healed, needs to be corrected, needs to be thrown away. At times it is easier to live in sin and keep Jesus at a distance, because by welcoming Jesus into our lives, we would then need to get rid of our old sinful behaviors. He will also make us aware of what else needs to be healed. We would need to change, but change is not easy. At times we just don’t want to listen to Jesus, we don’t want to welcome Him. So, we beg Him to leave because we don’t want to make any changes in our lives.

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