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Wednesday of the 14 week in ordinary time

Mt 10:1-7

We don’t need any special education nor any special qualities to be disciples of Jesus. Unfortunately, many of us still think that this job belongs solely to the bishops, priests, deacons, nuns, theologians, and other people who are trained in talking and teaching about Jesus. I think that is why there are still not enough Catholics who are able to evangelize. Because evangelizing is not only spreading theological knowledge, but most importantly inviting others to follow Christ by our exemplary way of living and by showing our joy of being part of the Church. That is why Jesus calls as His first disciples twelve simple people. People who are sinners, who are poor simple workers. People with no authority nor high-level education. Jesus knows that calling very simple people, but people with joy and trust, will make all the difference. And look where we are now only because of those twelve simple but courageous people. We all are called to preach about Christ.

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