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Wednesday of the 18 week in ordinary time (St. John Vianney)

If a child is suffering, the parent would do almost anything to help that child. Unfortunately, there are children that are terminated ill, but even in these cases most parents don’t loose hope. The doctors may say -- I am sorry, there is nothing else we can do, just pray, have faith, only a miracle can save your child. Most of us in a situation like this would pray but also try to get second opinions or even try unconventional methods of medicine, anything that could help your sick child. Even money is no longer an issue, only the health of the child. This is exactly what happened in the Gospel reading today. The poor woman wasn’t a believer, she didn’t even belong to the chosen nation, but she knew that Jesus was her only chance. Only He could save her daughter. And He did! He did and then told her that because she had a strong faith in Him, the miracle happened. You and I may be in such a difficult situation that we may even lose our hope and faith. But today’s gospel proves that even if all the means of this world are helpless, we should always count on Jesus.

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