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Wednesday of the 2 week of Lent ‘b’

There are times when a parent calls the parish office and wants to speak to a priest and schedule an appointment for a son or daughter to talk about planning a wedding ceremony. Or sometimes an anxious mother would ask me about the baptism of her newborn grandson. Moms are always worrying about their children, even if they are mature and adult. They worry because they love them, and they want all that is best for them -- understandably. But when it comes to the important decisions in life, the child needs to take the initiative and make the important decisions concerning his or her vocation, or about the baptism of their child and about their future. In the Gospel for today we read: “Then the mother of the sons of Zebedee approached Jesus wishing to ask him for something. He said to her, - What do you wish? She answered him- command that these two sons of mine sit, one at your right and the other at your left, in your kingdom.” There’s no doubt that she wanted all the best for her sons, but there are things in life that only we can ask for and obtain. No mother, no father, nobody can gain for us eternal life- we need to ask for that ourselves only.

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