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Wednesday of the 20 week in ordinary time ‘b’

Can one saint be ‘saintlier’ than another saint? We have hundreds of saints and all of them receive the prize of sanctity for their exceptional ways of living. All of them are different, lived in different eras. Some lived their holy lives from the beginning to the end, while some just turned to God in the last days of their lives. Like Saint Paul, who actually used to do terrible things, like persecuting and killing Christians. But then he became a saint. How come? Why do some of the saints and even some of us live good Christian lives from the beginning and some just turn to God in the last moments of their life and receive the same prize? Well, the answer is in the Gospel reading for today. God promised each one of us the same reward which is eternal life. We can’t be disappointed just because God decided to reward someone that in our opinion shouldn’t not be rewarded. Only God knows who deserves sanctity and who doesn’t, because only He knows what is happening in that person’s heart. “My friend, I am not cheating you. Did you not agree with me for the usual daily wage? Take what is yours and go.”

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