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Wednesday of the 26 Sunday in the ordinary time (memorial of St. Jerome, priest and doctor of the Ch

Don’t look behind but move forward.

We all have moments in life in which we can harbor doubts if the decision we once made earlier in our life is still a good decision. And this may show itself in little things like ordering in a restaurant a slab of ribs instead of a steak or watching TV instead of going for a walk. But it may also concern much more important decisions of life like, for example, did I marry the right person, did I choose a profession that I like and is fulfilling, or perhaps is we’re a priest or religious is this truly my vocation. And finally, the decision we once made may concern the most important thing of all – namely, being Christ’s disciple, His follower. We may have doubts even in regards to our faith and our Catholic religion, especially when we see how many terrible things are happening in this world. But Jesus is telling us today: have faith, don’t have any regrets, this is the best decision you could have ever made. Just have trust, move forward, follow me, despite all your doubt.

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