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Wednesday of the 3 week of Advent ‘b’

LK 7:18B-23

Even John the Baptist had his doubts. In the Gospel today, we read that John sent two of his disciples to the Lord to ask: “Are you the one who is to come, or should we look for another?” We like to have claims and events proven to us. There are so many questions and doubts in our lives that we constantly seek for proof to get some kind of confirmation. Even when it comes to our faith, many times we have doubts and we may talk to Jesus asking, for instance, Jesus if you heal my sick mother then I would believe that you are present and listen to me, or, Jesus please give me a little sign, then my faith will be stronger, and so on. But today Jesus tells us: I have given you enough proof, enough signs, and enough love so that you should not harbor any more doubts, but love me in return.

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