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Wednesday of the 30 week in ordinary time (Feast of Saints Simon and Jude, Apostles)

LK 6:12-16

Decisions, decisions… we all make them each day. There are the small ones, for instance ‘what will I have for lunch?’ or ‘what book to read?’ and others on which may depend our future and the future of others. For instance, ‘what professions to choose?’ or ‘should I change my job or not?’ There is no day that passes by without our making decisions. In the Gospel today, we see Jesus making an important decision, the decision that would have an impact on all Christianity, namely, whom to choose to continue the work of spreading the Gospel. Whom to choose, to keep this burning flame alive. What did Jesus do before making that decision? “Jesus went up to the mountain to pray,” we read today. We never know if the decision we will make is the right decision, but if we pray before making one, I am sure it will be the decision that God wanted us to make. I want to pray, like Jesus did, before making important decisions in my life because I believe that God will always help me.

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