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Wednesday of the 31 week in ordinary time

LK 14:25-33

There are things in life that need a lot of planning and preparation. We need to calculate if we will be able to pay off the mortgage, or the loan on the car. We calculate if we will be able to afford a nice family vacation in Florida or continue to pay for our child’s Catholic Education. If the hiker wants to climb the mountain, he or she needs to get prepared and calculate if this can be accomplished with the resources they have. And there are unexpected things in life, as for instance this year’s Covid-19 virus that hit us so hard and knocked us off the rails. Some lost a job, or even worse, a loved one- nobody was prepared for all that. But still, even in these uncertain moments, we need to plan and calculate for the upcoming days, months, and years. Today Jesus wants us to make a calculation and ask ourselves: Am I able to follow Him no matter what? Will I be able to carry my cross all the time? Jesus doesn’t want our great enthusiasm and then have us give up. He wants us to really think and plan and then follow Him no matter what obstacles we will face.

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