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Wednesday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time ‘a’

It is hard to believe that the Pharisees, people who should love God and follow His law, got offended when Jesus healed that poor man on a Sabbath, on a day when no work could be performed. It is hard to believe that instead of focusing on an outstanding miracle which happened right in front of their eyes, their minds were so closed, and they only saw a sinful and illegal act in that incident. How could that Man perform a miracle on a Sabbath? We all need to be very careful and not become like those Pharisees. Think today about those moments when someone, who perhaps you don’t particularly like or care for, did something very good for others. Think about a certain politician from the party that you don’t support who in the end made a good decision that benefits many people. Could you admit that he has done something good and worthwhile? Think about your pastor -- the one who replaced your beloved former priest, and therefore whom you don’t like because he’s new. But can you admit that he does so many good things for your parish? Think about that family member whom you haven’t talked to for many years, can you see how many good things she does for others? Jesus was criticized not for performing miracles on a Sabbath, but because they didn’t like Him.

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