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Wednesday of the Third Week of Easter

Jesus didn’t come only to good and holy people, but, as He said many times, He came to sinners. He also said that He would never reject anyone that comes to Him -- ANYONE! Not the one who has a different color of skin than I, not the one that speaks another language, not the one who is sinful, not the one who is handicapped sick, homeless. Jesus would not reject the one who has different political or religious views, nor the one that has a different sexual orientation. This is Jesus, this is our God, who loves each one of us unconditionally and without any reservations. Unfortunately, many Christians, while claiming that they are His disciples, have a very hard time embracing some other people, especially those that are different. We Christians, Catholics, need to stop being judgmental; we need to stop gossiping, and most importantly stop rejecting others because of their differences. This world is so beautiful because we are so different. Jesus reminds us today again that He would NEVER reject anyone. “Everything that the Father gives me will come to me, and I will not reject anyone who comes to me.”

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