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Wednesday of the Thirty Third Week in Ordinary Time ‘a’

Let’s do a quick test now. Ask yourself if your faith today is deeper than it was a year ago. Or if your relationship with Christ has grown from, let’s say, ten years ago? Or is it the same, nothing has changed? Some of us still confess the same sins that we have been confessing as one year, five years, or even thirty years ago. Many of us repeat the same prayers we had learned in our religious classes when we were kids, and we still repeat them today without even thinking about what we are saying. Don’t get me wrong, those are all wonderful and important practices. However, God wants us to grow in our faith, He wants us to change, to multiply the gift of faith that He has entrusted to us. This is the reason for Jesus’ parable about those gold coins that must be multiplied for that king’s power and glory. We have been entrusted with the gift of faith which must grow in us; we can’t just keep it for ourselves and hide it. Because if we do, even what we have will be taken away from us and given to that person who enjoys it, multiplies it, and makes it grow for the glory of our God.

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