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Wednesday, the 6 day in the Octave of Christmas

There are many events that we go through in our lives. Events that make us happy or proud like the birth of a new baby, the celebration of a baptism, a graduation, or a wedding. But there are also certain events that sadden us like a funeral, the sickness of a family member along with frequent visits to the hospital, or even these ongoing pandemic days. Whatever events we face, whether joyful and happy or sad, whatever places we travel to, we always like to return home to our normal regular lives and experiences and to our familiar homes. I am sure that the Holy Family, after long travel and after fulfilling all the prescriptions of the law, were so happy to finally return to their own town and their home. They teach us today that there will be many things in our lives that will require our time and our attention and maybe even along with some sacrifices, but it is always good to be back home, and one day to our final home in Heaven.

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