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26 Sunday in Ordinary Time ‘c’

We don’t like to hear about hell, but today’s gospel clearly implies that that place exists. In the gospel reading it is called the ‘netherworld’. When the rich man’s life ended, he found himself in that terrible place, not because of his riches and good life, but for not sharing what he had with others. He must have seen poor Lazarus almost each day since Lazarus was begging by his house. Still, the rich man kept ignoring Lazarus. This is a warning for each one of us today, that it is not about what we have, what we have accomplished in life, or how big our house is. No. It is about noticing those in need and helping them as much as we can. For a generous heart we will be rewarded and will find our place in Heaven with the poor soul Lazarus and all the saints.

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