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33 Sunday in ordinary time

MT 25:14-30 

People have many talents. I am sure we know someone who is very talented and enriches this world by his or her skills. We need those people; they make the world a more enjoyable place to live in. Perhaps you are someone like that with a unique talent. Then be thankful to God for this. Jesus is presenting a parable about talents that need to be shared with the world and even multiply. But he doesn’t mean our skills only, but something more- we are blessed with the talent of being a child of God. Because I am a child of God, God has given me very unique gifts that I have to multiply. He gave me life, so I must share my life with others and protect human life. He gave me love, so I need to love more. He gave me forgiveness, so I need to forgive. He gave me His only Son, so I always need to spread the Good News of the Gospel. Only some people have extraordinary talents, but we Christians have the heavenly talents that must be multiplied.

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