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4 Sunday of Lent ‘b’

Nicodemus used to come and visit with Jesus because he was fascinated by His knowledge and wisdom. But Nicodemus visited Jesus at night so no one could see him. As a well-known Pharisee and a high member of the Sanhedrin, he was afraid to lose his reputation by spending time with Jesus, with the man who was hated by many other Pharisees. He was ashamed of his meetings with Jesus. How about you? Aren’t you sometimes ashamed of ‘seeing’ Jesus? We can’t only worship Him in the church or with our private prayers, hiding from others. We need to bring Him to others, to our places of work, to our families, to our schools. If we only keep Jesus closed up in our churches’ walls, we will be like Nicodemus -- worshiping him in darkness, but in the daylight ashamed of Him.

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