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5 Sunday in ordinary time ‘c’

It always amazes me that Jesus did not call the scholars of the law, educated people, or those who have power and authority to follow Him. He didn’t call those who were rich and held great positions in life. One would think that those would be the people that others would listen to and follow. But not at all! Instead, Jesus calls simple people, hard workers, fisherman, people that had to work very hard in order to provide for their families, people with no education, no high positions in society. And most of all, He called sinners. We hear today in the Gospel Simon Peter saying: “Depart from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man.” No, Jesus had no need of those rich and proud people, he wanted simple and humble people that were able to admit that they are sinners, that they need to still learn so much, that they need Jesus’s help and blessing. We may think, like Simon, that we are not good enough for Jesus, but this is not what Jesus thinks. He wants you, with all your limitations, temptations, failures, imperfections. You just need to humbly admit and say: Lord, I am a simple person, but with your help I can catch people and bring them into your Church.

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