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Easter Sunday


Empty Tomb. Where is the body of Jesus? Who took Him away? Those are the questions of those who came to that empty tomb on Easter morning. They still couldn’t believe that everything that Jesus said before was true. He told them that after three days He will come out from that tomb, that He will rise from the dead. On Easter Jesus proved to everybody that He can’t be killed, He can’t be locked in one place, He can’t be limited by us. Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega - the beginning and the end. He is alive here and now among us. And even though this world and others would want to convince us to keep our faith to ourselves, to worship Christ only in our churches, and not to bring Him into the world, we know that Jesus can’t be locked anywhere. He is alive in each one of us, and He wants to come out, He must come out and go to this world to remind even those who don’t believe that He is the only and One God. No matter what our society would do to our God, He will still come out from every tomb and will still proclaim the same truth. 

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