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Feast of St. John, Apostle and Evangelist

In this life we need others and others need us. It would be just too difficult to face the challenges of this life alone, without the support of the relatives and friends. If you lose someone close to you, you want to grieve with those who would grieve with you and would support you. They may not even say anything, but they are there with you and that is very important. On the feast day of St. John Evangelist, we run with Jesus’ friends – John, Peter, and Mary Magdalene to that empty tomb. We are shocked, we are filled with doubts, we are afraid. Just like for John, it would be too difficult to go to that tomb, not knowing what’s inside, but John did go there, not alone, but with his friends “and he saw and believed”. He believed that Jesus is not dead but He was raised from the dead. He was able to believe because his friend Peter was with him. It may be hard for you and me to accept the death of a loved one, but with the prayers and presence of those who love us, we will be able to believe that death is not the end.

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