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Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time ‘a’

Mt 5:13-16

How often do you use salt? How often do you reach out for it, and how often do you buy it? Think about it. In every kitchen in the world there is salt, the most common seasoning. Almost each recipe encourages you to use salt. Salt brings taste to the food. Now, how often do you turn on a light? We may not even think about it, but we do this all the time. Life without light becomes difficult or even impossible. Life without light becomes even dangerous. That’s why Jesus used this analogy and is telling us that Christian faith must become not only an option, but a necessity that adds a good taste and brights light to this world. It is not only our prayers, private worship in the Church, receiving Holy Eucharist during Sunday Mass, but it demands much more. We are called to go into this world and shine, to bring taste by our love, to help others by acts of charity, forgiveness, and joy. There are too many Christians who have lost the taste and don’t shine anymore. Only a good taste and bright light will bring others to Christ.

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