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Monday of the 29 week in ordinary time

I found the scene in the Gospel for today kind of humorous. Listen to this: “Someone in the crowd said to Jesus: Teacher, tell my brother to share the inheritance with me.” You may wonder why I find this humorous. This is why. When I read this passage of the Gospel I think of all the times when in my own prayers I was trying to ask or even convince Christ to get for me something that was completely unnecessary for my salvation. It was something like my buying a lottery ticket and then praying to God asking Him to help me to win. Jesus is clear with us here- the things of this world especially possessions and earthly wealth have no meaning for Christ. Instead of asking Him for the winning numbers, or a well-paid job, or receiving a large amount of money, we should rather use this time and pray for the things that really matter to Him and should matter to us, namely, asking Him to help us become saints and live our lives for our salvation and the salvation of others.

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