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Monday of the 4 week in ordinary time ‘b’

The Gospel reading for today is so rich. Many things are happening here, but one thing caught my attention. The poor man who was freed from evil spirits by Jesus is ready to follow Jesus. He pleaded to remain with Jesus, so why did Jesus say no? Why did He order him to go back to his family and tell them what God has done for him? I believe that Jesus wants to show us that we can proclaim the Good News in each place in which we find ourselves, all the places that we belong to. Not everyone is called to follow Jesus as a priest or a nun, only some have that call. And no vocation is more important than any other one. Jesus tells the cured man to go to his home and his family and tell them and everyone he meets that God is merciful and forgiving. We all have different vocations, but whatever that vocation might be, we still need to proclaim the Good News.

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