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Monday of the Sixth Week in Ordinary Time ‘b’


So many times in the gospel stories, Jesus praises those who showed a strong faith in Him and in His works. Most times those who had faith received what they asked for. Yes, what God wants from us is a strong faith. Yet most of us would rather see some hard proof. Often those who do not believe would test you or me, asking for proof that Jesus raised from the dead, that He went to heaven. They want to have a proof of God’s existence and of many other things. The tricky thing here is that if we had a proof, then we wouldn’t need to have faith. God showed us enough, He gave us enough, and loved us enough to believe in the gospels. Yes, you can’t wait for a proof, for then you will miss God’s presence in our midst. Instead, ask God to increase your faith and to live joyfully and peacefully. “The Pharisees came forward and began to argue with Jesus, seeking from him a sign from heaven to test him.” That’s why they missed the Son of God.

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