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Saturday of the Eleventh Week in Ordinary time ‘c’

Don’t worry. Easy to say, much harder to practice. We all worry about our uncertain future, we worry about our children, family, we worry about this world, about our health, and about many other things. However today in the Gospel reading Jesus clearly tells us not to worry about anything. He says that God will take of everything we need; all we need is to trust Him. Again -- easy to say. But when I think about what Jesus said, I begin to understand that we simply don’t have much control of our future, so all we can do is to trust in God, who knows what’s the best for us and what we need. We all worry about many things in life, this is a very human thing. But Jesus is telling us that this won’t change anything since we can’t predict the next day, perhaps that next day will be our last. To worry is OK, but that won’t change anything.

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