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Second Sunday of Easter ‘a’

I like doubting Thomas. He is very honest; he is very straightforward by saying: ‘I don’t believe and will not believe until I can see and witness.’ Thomas does not play any games; he doesn’t care what others think about him. He is able to share what is bothering him, what is happening in his heart. I look at Thomas today and think about my life and the moments when I said and acted in the way that signaled - I know everything, and that I have no doubts, that I always believe. It may be because I would be embarrassed or even ashamed to admit that as a priest, I do have doubts too. What would others think or say if I, their priest, shared my doubts, shared my failures. Shouldn’t I always believe in what I preach? Perhaps we think like that about Thomas: how could he have any doubts, how could he say -- I don’t believe, I need proof. I learn from Thomas that there will be times when my faith will be shaken, but then I can’t keep it to myself but should ask others to help me, to pray for me, to share with me their faith in the Risen Lord.

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