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Thursday of the 1 week of Advent ‘b’ (Memorial of St. Francis Xavier)

Prayer is very important. Prayer can be powerful, and it can change our lives and the lives of others. Jesus expressed the importance of prayer many times in the Gospel, so we need to pray as often as we can, but… But these prayers will not change my life nor the life of others if I just stop there. The prayer has to have a strong connection to my life and should encourage me to go and act, to do good things for others and for this world. If you listen to the words of Jesus from the Gospel today, you will learn that not everyone who says to Jesus ‘Lord, Lord’, but goes no further, not everyone who says the rosary every day, and not everyone who comes to mass every Sunday, or prays before bedtime, will automatically enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Rather it will be the ones who pray and also act, the ones who do the will of God, these will enter the Kingdom of the Father.

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