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Wednesday in the Octave of Easter ‘b’


First, Jesus tells them to go and to tell others about His resurrection, and now He is testing them to see how well they fulfilled that mission. We don’t know why those two disciples who were going to Emmaus didn’t recognize the Lord. Perhaps He looked different after the resurrection, but not that this detail is important here. For me, what I find fascinating is that at one point Jesus joins the two and asks: “What are you discussing as you walk along?” The truth is that He knows exactly what they were talking about. He is just testing them to see if they are unafraid to talk with a ‘stranger’ about the passion, death, and glorious resurrection of Christ. Jesus is testing them. Are they comfortable telling others about the Son of God? Those two did pass that test; they told Him everything they knew. At that point these two disciples still can’t believe in the resurrection, but they are not afraid to talk about Jesus. We know what happened. We also believe, but are we able to talk openly about Jesus and our faith?

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