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Wednesday of the Seventh Week of Easter

Jesus is praying for His disciples. This is very interesting to me, because Jesus doesn’t need to pray to God, doesn’t need to ask for anything, because He is God, and He could grant His friends whatever He wanted. However, He continues praying and asking for unity among them and that they will be kept from the Evil One. So why does Jesus pray for them? I think that Jesus wants to show us, His disciples, how important prayer is, especially when we pray for each other. More than that, He wants us to continue to pray to God and ask Him for unity among us Christians and that He will help us win the battle with evil. We do pray for each other, and we ask for many things -- safety, health, a good death, prosperity, for peace, and all of these prayer requests are good. However, Jesus reminds us today that when we pray, we also need to pray for the unity and the strength to overcome evil and temptations.

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