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Wednesday of the Twenty Fifth Week in Ordinary Time ‘a’

“Jesus summoned the Twelve and gave them power and authority over all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them to proclaim the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick.” Today we who are baptized are Jesus’ disciples, and He also sends us forth with the same mission -- to proclaim the Kingdom of God and to heal the sick. But wait a second (you may think), the Twelve received special power from the Lord, a power to cast away demons and to heal the sick. But we don’t have that power, so how can we continue that same mission? True, we don’t have any extraordinary power. But we still can visit the sick, pray for them, bring them comfort. We still can pray and offer Masses for those who struggle with addictions, evil, and temptations. We, Jesus’ disciples today, have enough power to continue the same mission first entrusted to the Twelve. No excuses!

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