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Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe


We Catholics have a special devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Most of our church songs are dedicated to her. We also have other prayers and litanies throughout the year as we celebrate the many feasts of the Blessed Mary. We also see so many different images of her. Today we celebrate the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the patroness of The Americas. We all have our favorite image of Our Lady; however, we need to remember that she is still the same and only one Mother of God -- the one who said YES to God’s will and courageously carried out this mission until the end. It wasn’t easy to become the Mother of God. In fact, it was a mission filled with challenges, with sadness, with many tests. But Mary persevered until the end and was taken into Heaven. It is not easy for us to be Jesus’ disciples; our faith also will be tested in many ways. We may keep asking God -- why? Why is there so much evil in this world? Why don’t you save me from it? Therefore, in moments of doubts, look at your favorite image of the Mother of God, look at the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe and ask her to intercede for you before God. He will give you her strength, her faith, and her courage.

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