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First Sunday of Lent ‘c’

How does Satan want and plan to destroy us and our good relationships with God and other people? He doesn’t need much, only three things. In the same way, He wanted to destroy even the Son of God, but without any success. On this 1 Sunday of Lent, evil uses three temptations against Jesus. If you hungry, use your power and turn this stone into bread. Satisfy yourself -- you need this. Then again, he tempted Jesus -- worship me and I will give you all the riches and power of this world. And lastly, when previous temptations didn’t work, evil said -- test God and see if He will save you as He promised and now throw yourself down. Let’s see what happens? But Jesus knows better and is much more powerful to be fooled by evil. But how about us? Satan constantly tells you -- satisfy yourself, don’t make any sacrifices in this life. Worship me, and I will give you the power of this world. And finally, he would tell you -- God doesn’t exist. If God was real, there wouldn’t be any wars, or poverty, and He would answer each of your prayers. Satan will always be trying to tempt us. He doesn’t need much- only three things… We need to be on guard.

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