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Friday of the 4 week of Lent

Where is Jesus and where can He be found? Where is He coming from? When I ask myself these questions today, I realize that many times I find Jesus in the Eucharist -- where He indeed is – but also in the scripture readings. I see Him as God, that is far away, watching me from above. However, as mentioned in today’s Gospel, I am no different from those who couldn’t accept that Jesus was the Son of God. They said: “we know Him and where he is from”- we know His family, His house, so He can’t be the Son of God, it’s impossible. Today I learn that Christ can be also found in another person. We may think of him just like those who said: “When the Christ comes, no one will know where he is from”- He is distant, invisible, He watches us from above. I think we need to pray today and ask Jesus to help us to see and recognize Him also in those whom we don’t like, those who are poor, homeless… we may think, like those from the Gospel. No, this is not our God, He can’t be in that person. But He is…

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