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Friday of the 5 week in ordinary time ‘c’

Mk 7:31-37

How do you use your words? What comes out of your mouth? Our words may bring others comfort, love, and respect. But at the same time, they may hurt others. They brought to Jesus a man who had a speech impediment to heal Him, and so Jesus did. And then Jesus asked them not to tell about this to anybody. We don’t know why. Jesus had His own reason, but they didn’t listen. “He ordered them not to tell anyone. But the more he ordered them not to, the more they proclaimed it.” And they were not saying anything wrong, but still, they didn’t listen to what Jesus asked them to do. We can use our words according to Jesus’ order -- with love and respect, or we may use them wrongly, to hurt others by gossiping, lying, swearing. Let us ask Jesus to heal us from all bad language that may be coming out from our mouths.

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