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Friday of the Thirty Second Week in Ordinary Time ‘a’

I don’t exactly remember when it was, or what year, but I met a person who was convinced that the end of the world would happen on that certain day. He approached me after Mass and said that he was preparing for it by buying all necessary things like water, food, flashlights, etc., and that I should prepare myself as well. I was laughing inside of myself thinking that the end of this world will end everything, so there is no reason for stocking food and other things for survival, since nothing will survive. I believe that the end of this world will come one day but there is nobody who can predict it - only God knows. We shouldn’t be worried about that, thinking about that, but we should be thankful for each day that we were given in this life and use each day as if it were our last day here - loving, forgiving, praying, living a good life. When that day comes “one will be taken, the other left.” We must do everything we can, so we won’t be left behind.

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